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Experience the Best in Personalized Wellness and skincare.

Discover the transformative power of result-driven, age-defying body care & skincare at Glow Station Medical Spa.  Tyeisha Washington, a nurse practitioner, uses innovative techniques to help you look and feel your best. Whether you’re interested in corrective skincare with or without neurotoxins, medical weight loss, body sculpting, or microchanneling treatments, you’ve come to the right place.

Customizing treatments and Skincare Routines for your unique skin is my forte.

I am here to save you time and money from the guessing game that leads to disappointment and being a guinea pig to the next trend not curated to your skin.  Healthy, happy, thriving skin is possible here.

Why Korean Skincare?

What’s so special about Korean skincare, and what’s the difference between the Western approach to skincare? A Korean Facial is like a facial from the future- with products, ingredients, and ideas that are almost a decade ahead of us. There’s a reason the famous and sought-after “GLASS SKIN: (very soft, baby-like, hydrated, smooth, and glowy) originated in Korea.

Korea is rooted in ancient beauty traditions, using herbs, fermentation processes, and years of use to figure out what works and doesn’t.

My personal favorite part, and the reason I’ve brought Korean Skincare into my practice, is the holistic approach to treating the skin to ensure LASTING results. I’ve always leaned to the more holistic side, focusing on a healthy skin barrier first and foremost as this typically helps a skin problem itself and looking into the internal factors.

In Korean Skincare and at Jenna Koryn Aesthetics, we focus on the root causes to target skin concerns from all angles because we understand that everything is connected – gut, skin, mental health, etc. We understand that the skin barrier requires a delicate balance. Taking the time to nourish, strengthen, and heal the skin barrier to deliver a natural healthy glow.

Using Korean Skincare to align with my approach has helped to amplify the customization I can provide for everyone’s unique skin and new innovative ways to repair & support the skin barrier.

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